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Handmade soaps

BARELY GENTLE company was founded in 2001. Handmade soaps, lotions, sprays, body powders and much more…… They offer a full line of handmade luxurious bath and body spa products at reasonable prices and they ship worldwide. All of their products are made in the USA.


BELIEVE ORGANICS - If you believe that organic, cruelty free, nontoxic self care is the beginning of caring for our families, our community and our planet, then they have some products created especially for you. Their intentions are pure and so are their products.


BODYWORKSBALL - BodyworksBall is helping people in all walks of life. They have many satisfied clients from the world of sports to clients who are recovering from major illnesses. You don’t have to be an athlete to use or benefit from BodyworksBall. Their products are made in USA.

oxygen canister

BOOST OXYGEN, LLC 92 Woodmont Road Milford, CT 06460. Boost Oxygen, LLC is based in Milford, Connecticut, and is the leading manufacturer of portable, lightweight, 95% pure, Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen canisters. It is used by people visiting high altitude locations, professional and amateur athletes, senior citizens, and famous celebrities alike. Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen is currently the best selling and most trusted oxygen canister brand in the world.


BUFF HER - Buff Her House of Exfoliation are the makers of unique exfoliating food scrubs, handcrafted from natural and organically grown fruits and veggies. Their motto is "Want Super Smooth Skin...FEED IT". They believe the exfoliating or buffing process should be gentle, cleansing and really fun. To ensure that your skin loves their products, every ingredient is easily recognizable and natural, with proven skin beautifying and exfoliating benefits.


COLOURPOP - It's their mission to redefine luxury beauty by creating amazing products at prices that don't break the bank. Dedicated to newness at lightning speed, they imagine, develop, test, and manufacture all under one roof. They pride themselves on being cruelty-free, wallet-friendly, and keeping their customers at the center of their world. Colourpop was born, raised and made with love in the City of Angels. Founded in 2014 by Seed Beauty.


CAROL'S DAUGHTER - Carol’s Daughter changes the natural haircare world by being one of the first to sell their beauty recipes directly to their customers. All of their products are made in U.S.A.


THE FOOTMATE® SYSTEM - The FootMate® Foot Transformation System® is proudly made in the United States of quality mildew and stain resistant materials. Customers were very impressed with rejuvenating cream.


HUDSON MADE - 72 Main Street, Andes, NY 13731. Hudson Made's unique collection celebrates the American artisan with products both modern and antique. All their products are made in USA.


DETROIT GROOMING CO. - is the best place to get the finest handcrafted beard oils and men's grooming products. They offer beard oils, combs, beard butter, a full line of men's hair care, grooming kits, and so much more. Detroit Grooming Co. is a product line for a man of the times. Any time. What began as a search for a superior product has resulted in a timeless and classic creation of their own. Their product line has expanded to include categories in shaving, personal care, creams & cleansers, and hair care.

men’s shave

RAZOR MD is a brand born from hard work and family tradition. All Razor MD products are still made in the USA, and they pride themselves on using many of the same all-natural ingredients that were included in those first family formulas, dreamed up in that Brooklyn drugstore basement. Today RAZOR MD® is a global brand for men’s shave, grooming and hair care, with their products now carried in over a dozen countries and counting. All of their products are made in USA.

for men

KENT & BOND - Founded by two friends from Canada and Maine, they have an appreciation for wilderness and all things authentic. They experienced nature first hand and love it for what it is, knowing that it’s best in its purest form. They only use the best of what nature has to offer. Their advanced formulas deliver the performance that men demand, with none of the harsh chemicals. After many rounds of testing they have formulated the best organic grooming products for men. All of their products are handcrafted in the USA.

USA soaps

DUKE CANNON - the shape and size of duke cannon’s big ass brick was inspired by the soap issued to g.i.’s during the korean war. It is produced in the same u.s. based, family-owned plant that was the sole supplier to the military during that era. Today we continue to gain inspiration from the fine soldiers serving our country with our relationship with bravo company 2-135.


MAKEUP AMERICA - Makeup America! is the first American branded cosmetics line that reflects the American spirit. They empower women, no matter who they are and where they come from, to confidently radiate their beauty, diversity, creativity, and independence. Their products are cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and suitable for all skin tones and types.


PIPERWAI NATURAL DEODORANT will always be made in the USA! PiperWai is the first naturally powerful, aluminum-free deodorant that uses activated charcoal to absorb wetness and fight odor. Natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, and pure vitamin E soothe even the most sensitive skin. All of their products are made in the United States of America.


MULLEIN & SPARROW - Mullein & Sparrow is a luxury skincare and lifestyle brand built on a core belief: They all have the power to make a difference with their choices. They choose ethically sourced ingredients of uncompromising quality to make products for the woman who understands the power of her choice. With products acting as a catalyst for self-care rituals, they offer a multisensory experience that inspires you to nourish and cultivate radiant skin. Their unique formulas emerge from both Ayurvedic principles and Western Herbalism to bring the most powerful active botanicals to your skin.

nutritional supplements

NUTRASENSE - Since 1995 NutraSense has recognized the importance of providing top quality American made nutritional supplements for optimal health and wellness. They’ve selectively chosen the highest quality raw ingredients, tightly controlled, and backed by years of clinical research and scientific studies. NutraSense offers pure pharmaceutical-grade supplements for the whole family unsurpassed in quality by mass-marketed brands. Every product meets or exceeds U.S. quality standards and are produced in U.S. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities.


PRITINYC - Known among beauty insiders as the pioneering leader in luxury eco-friendly nail polish, the quick success and notoriety of PRITI NYC can be attested to it's founder, Kim D'Amato. PRITI NYC polishes are vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. Free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor, xylene, parabens, and TPHP. These luxury polishes are fast drying, chip resistant, contain a UV inhibitor, and are extremely durable and glossy. Available in over 100 different shades including cremes, shimmers, sheers, metallics, classic nudes...


SAN FRANCISCO SALT CO. - In 2002 founder turned his lifetime dream of becoming an entrepreneur into a reality by taking the plunge into the world of salt. He bootstrapped his way along at farmers markets, festivals, mall kiosks, and eventually onto Pier 39, San Francisco. As He tested the waters with persistence and old fashioned hard work, He quickly graduated to the web and they have grown leaps and bounds ever since.

organic skin care

SKINCANDO - Skincando products are handcrafted from the finest organic, natural and locally-sourced ingredients. They use glass packaging because it is better for you, the environment and the products. Their organic skin care products are concentrated and last at least two times longer than commercial products. Once the products are opened they have a shelf life of one year, however, they recommend replacing them every six months.

American soaps

STUDIO11SOAP - In 2002, Emelmahae Soap Company (now studio11soap) was established based on their quest for natural body products and a need to explore new aspects of their creative spirit. They at Studio11Soap take an artisan approach to production, creating small batches by hand in a modest soap studio. Their passion is to take simple ingredients and transform them into something that makes their customers smile in the shower at the beginning of the day.

men’s USA products

SAM'S NATURAL - Having a passion for products made with a purpose and seeing a greater need for natural, men’s products, Sam’s Natural now offers a full line of personal care products to cover all your grooming needs.

shave products

SHAVEFACE - ShaveFace launched on Kickstarter in 2015 and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrillist and Uncrate. - shave products - Address: 438 Houston Street Nashville, Tennessee 37203. All products are made in USA.

soaps maker

SOAPBOX SOAPS - For every Soapbox product you purchase, they, together, donate a bar of soap to someone in need either state-side or abroad. Sustainability is key and they practice it by working with local soap makers when available for the bars that are donated.