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USA knives

BENCHMADE - Hard-working knives are made by hard-working people, and this is where they are made. This is where they turn sheets of steel into the hand-assembled works of art that can only be called Benchmade. In 1987, they set out to make the best knives in the world — and that’s exactly what they did. All their products are made in the USA.


AMERICAN BUILT ARMS Co. - All trademarks, service marks and trade names of American Built Arms Company used in their site are trademarks or registered trademarks of American Built Arms Company. Their products will stand up to the rigors of combat, police and private security operations. All products are made in the USA.


BEAR & SON CUTLERY Inc. - 1111 Bear Blvd. S.W. - Jacksonville, AL 36265. The Bear & Son Cutlery factory is unique. It is full self-contained. Bear & Son Cutlery is of excellent quality of knives and a real value for both the dealer and consumer. Their customers and consumers can look for even more new and exciting products as a result.

Knife Company

COLONIAL KNIFE CORP. - a USA Knife Company since 1926. What differentiates Colonial Knife from the competition? The primary purpose of a knife, to cut. Crappy steel or very high end exotic, makes no difference if not properly hardened.


EMERSON KNIVES - “They wanted a company that they could be proud of, that their family could be proud of, and that every Emerson Knife user on the planet could be proud of. The only way that could be possible, in their book, was if they were “Made in America.”


HENRY - “Henry owners have his personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of their rifles. If you are going to spend your money on a Henry, They can assure you that you are happy that you bought a Henry.”


HIGH SPEED GEAR® is dedicated to building the best 100% Made in the USA, Battle-Proven Tactical GearTM. Their products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality, and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all of their customers, whether military, law enforcement or responsibly armed citizens. Their products are user driven and are designed based on the operational experiences of a wide variety of end users. All their produts are made in USA.

Stand Archery

QUICK STAND ARCHERY - Quick Stand Archery was originally founded nearly 10 years ago. The gentleman who designed the stand was driven by the need of a versatile, mobile stand that would keep all bow components completely off the ground. His application was primarily in 3D Competition shoots. Being a skilled craftsman, they began working on a design for a stand that he could not find on the market. The result was the Quick Stand, and Quick Stand Archery was formed.

Randall Knives

RANDALL MADE KNIVES - Their customers have also included astronauts, government agents, celebrities, statesmen and royalty. Most importantly to us, there are thousands upon thousands of individuals who choose Randall Knives because they need a superbly crafted knife they can count on in the home and in the field. In short, for us who crafts a Randall Made™ knife, the challenge today is exactly the same as it was 50 plus years ago: To fashion the best knife they can make.


STEALTH GEAR USA - They design and manufacture premium holsters for concealed firearms carry. When it comes to armed self-protection, they know that failure is not an option. Every holster they produce is meticulously hand-built in American Fork, Utah to exceed each of their customer’s unique concealment demands. Proven in the field by professionals and civilians alike, their gear is also employed by military units the world over.

own knives

BEHRING MADE strives to make the best knives available in the market. James and his team of craftsmen are constantly creating and perfecting new projects with innovation, quality craftsmanship, and functionality being the cornerstone of the creative process. A consummate recreationist with a passion for his craft, he started Behring Made Knives with a focus on making beautiful crafted knives that are highly functional in the field. All their products are made in USA.

American Knives

W.R. CASE & SONS - PO Box 4000 Bradford, PA 16701. Case is owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, makers of the world-famous Zippo® windproof lighter, another family-owned business based in Bradford. The company’s original knife concepts and manufacturing methods have been recognized with awards and features from major print publications, international trade organizations and events, broadcast television shows, and major motion pictures.