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baby wraps

TUCK AND BUNDLE is a veteran-owned and mama-run baby company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. They are proud to make a product that is beautiful, stylish, nurtures both mom and baby, and is 100% Made in America. Thank you so much for your support of our small company! - baby wraps -

baby products

BAMBOOSA - 9808 Venice Blvd Suite 706 Culver City, CA 90232. Bamboosa is a USA Manufacture. The company produces organic adult clothing and baby products. Bamboosa has over 200 wholesale accounts located in the USA and Canada. Most are small baby stores, “green” and eco-friendly markets.

leather baby shoes

CADE & CO - 1975 Picabo Street Park City, Utah 84098. Cade & Co is a unique company that specializes in handmade, leather baby shoes and luxury goods. Based in Park City, Utah, Cade&Co shoes feature a leather, slip-on shoe design recommended by pediatricians for babies and pre-walkers.

products for babies

CALIFORNIA BABY company was founded in 1995. Today, there are about 90 products in the California Baby range, including a collection just for kids and teens. What began as one new mom's quest for a safe baby shampoo has grown into a beloved collection of more than 80 pediatrician and dermatologist-recommended hair and skin care products for babies, kids and adults with sensitive skin.

baby wear

CHEEKY BANANA, LLC is the realization of a long-time dream by founder, Lesley Fleming. In 2006, with two children of her own, Lesley made the decision to step out from under the “shade of the palm” and do what she had longed to do: create a line of children’s clothes that is fun to buy, easy to wear, and that celebrates the fleeting joy of childhood through the use of colorful fabrics and her classic contemporary designs.

Girl's Dresses

CITY THREADS 719 S. Los Angeles St. #515 Los Angeles, CA 90014. Their Girl's Dresses are always made with soft fabrics and have an easy comfortable fit, making them a great basic that belongs in every wardrobe. Whether it's for a celebration, school, events, or a casual family outing, your girl will be comfortable and looking good for any occasion. All of their products are made in the USA.

quality toys

HEIR+LOOM KIDS - They provide American made, heirloom quality toys that are specifically focused on the development of the child. Taking their inspiration from the Montessori philosophy, they strive to create toys that are tools to develop a child's innate abilities without overwhelming him/her with flashy toys that distract from the purpose for which they were originally intended. Their products isolate particular skills in order to help your child develop concentration. They know how important it is to you to provide your child not only with developmentally appropriate materials, but with SAFE, NON-TOXIC materials. You can be sure that everything they make is safe for your teething baby.

bumperless crib bedding set

LIZ & ROO In 2013, Caroline Eager and Carol Ann Anderson founded Liz and Roo, a luxury baby bedding line. Their vision? To create a modern, sophisticated made in USA luxury crib bedding line that emphasized safety, quality workmanship, and style. Liz and Roo pulled on Eager’s expertise as the founder of American Made Dorm, a retailer and manufacturer of made in USA dorm bedding. Their signature product is the “bumperless crib bedding set”, featuring a crib rail cover to replace traditional bumpers. A women-owned business, Liz and Roo’s baby bedding products can be found in more than 125 specialty baby stores in the USA and Canada and is also sold online. Allof their products are made in USA.


MAMOO KIDS - Mamoo’s story began in Japan, where founder spent summers adventuring around town with his mom. He would pack a little bag filled with his favorite playthings and head out for the day’s adventures. The earliest buds of self-confidence and personal responsibility came from the little bag his mom gave him to fill before setting out for the day. When He started his family in San Francisco, He decided to give his children a similar gift. Each bag is made from premium 100% cotton textiles and sustainably made in their hometown of Oakland, California. By keeping production local, they made a conscious decision to ensure the highest quality product and invest in the surrounding community.

baby blanket

THE MILK & HONEY CO. - PO Box 251 Black Mountain, NC 28711. The Milk & Honey Wrap®, (patent pending) is an all-in-one baby blanket, nursing cover, and infinity scarf. For nursing, the cowl neck drape provides the ability for a mother to view her nursing baby without a rigid apparatus, and 360 degree coverage provides privacy and comfort for mom and baby.

wall decor

MODERN MOOSE - Trained as an industrial designer, Paul Ocepek (o-sep-ik) has been involved professionally in all phases of product development for the last 25 years. Current products include wall decor, clocks, nightlights, frames, hanging pegs and more. And of course, they're all made in Moosachusetts.Paul’s sense of humor and bold use of color.

products for mothers

NUANGEL - 14717 Friend Road, Athens, AL 35611. NuAngel, Inc., is a U.S. manufacturer of quality products for mothers and infants. "Nu" in NuAngel represents nursing, nutrition, and new. "Angel" is of the belief that babies are precious angels and the most valuable gifts their parents will ever receive. NuAngel is a woman-owned business. Thank you for supporting American made!

Sprouting teeth

SWEETOOTH is proud to be a family owned and operated business that does all of its manufacturing in the United States. Sprouting teeth is a rite of passage and it can be a very stressful period for both baby and parents alike. While there is no magic cure for teething pain and discomfort it's our hope that SweeTooth will make the experience a little more pleasant for everyone.

kids fashion

AMERICAN ADORN company - After unsuccessfully finding quality store or online American made clothing, they decided to launch their own All-American made children's clothing store. Every piece of product they sell is American made. They carry a diverse line for boys and girls from affordable to upscale options. they offer several organic brands and operate using green energy.

kids clothing

TUFF KOOKOOSHKA - 1337 County Rd, Cataumet Ma 02534. TUFF Kookooshka is a wonderful online shop for your kids clothing needs. Tuff Kookooshka outerwear is made in the USA from Polartec fleece. Manufactured in Lowell, Massachusetts, Tuff Kookooshka hats, pullovers and coats are lightweight, warm, colorful, and so unique that even the pickiest of kiddos will think they are wicked cool!