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COLONEL LITTLETON - use primarily full-grain American steer hides hand-tanned especially for them at a small, local tannery. Their other leathers include full-grain American buffalo hides, Bridle leather hides and American Alligator hides.


14TH ROSE purses and totes are a twist to the classics to take you stylishly from one season to the next. Materials used in making 14th Rose Purses are sourced from USA vendors and manufacturers. All their products are made in the United States of America.

woman bags

Poorwill is a one woman show operated by yours truly. All materials are sourced raw, and hand cut, stamped, burnished, sewn and waxed in her Bay Area workshop. A small batch is a limited production run of one item. So these goods are very limited!


ALLETT - wallet - factory is the heart of their business, and their crew is the beat that keeps it alive. Every product they make is hand done in house by their talented crafters. Every product they make has been rigorously tested for durability, and patented for its lightweight slim design. It all begins with a large cutting press to format the leather and fabric to size. All their products are made in USA.

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ARTIFACT BAG was founded in 2010. Artifact products (Bags) are handmade in Omaha, Nebraska using domestically sourced materials whenever possible. Many products incorporate vintage, new old stock fabric and hardware. All products offer a lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials. All products are made in USA.

American wallets

ASHLAND LEATHER Co. was created by two long-time Horween tannery workers in Chicago, Phil Kalas and Dan Cordova. Both have worked in tanneries for a majority of their professional careers, and consequently they developed a great passion and love for leather. Using exclusively Horween leather a wallet that will live up to the time-honored Horween name.

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STEPHANIE DAWN - is an American Made product of the family owned business, KAM Manufacturing INC., located in Van Wert, OH. KAM Manufacturing INC. is dedicated to providing American jobs to their local community and to produce an exclusive American Made product. For over 27 years, KAM Manufacturing INC. has produced highly sought after quilted handbags. In 2008, they noticed a need for an "exclusively Made in the USA" handbag line and to design and manufacture their very own line.

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SWORD & PLOUGH has been in the making since their founders, sisters Emily and Betsy, were born into a military family. Living at West Point, sharing Thanksgiving dinners with hundreds of soldiers in mess halls, hearing about their dad’s deployments and research, and watching their uncle, a Marine NASA Astronaut pilot, launch his space shuttle, are just a few of the experiences that inspired Emily and Betsy to serve as an officer in the U.S. Army. All of these experiences culminated in Sword & Plough. - Bags -

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TANNER GOODS - The leather products they use on a daily basis say something about the people we are. They believe many things in life get better with time; it is that spirit we try to infuse in everything they create. In a world where we are overwhelmed by products made to break down, wear out or go out style, they aim to go against that grain. Their goods are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing. Their company, in many ways, is defined the community they belong to. They are Oregonians through and through.

new duffel bags

BAD BAGS was founded with a mission to build a better duffel. Sounds daunting and, kind of difficult but they pushed on. With years of experience in the outdoor industry, they knew what materials worked and, what design changes needed to happen. Luckily, they had the perfect venue to test their new duffel bags: the 1990 Transantarctic Expedition led by veteran Arctic explorer Will Steger.

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BLUE CLAW Co. has been crafting quality goods in the United States since 2010. They have searched high and low to find the finest materials available, from the best tanneries and mills in the world. They are constantly tweaking their designs and overhauling styles, striving to provide their customers with the most accessible, highest quality bags and accessories, anywhere in the market. All products are made in USA.

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BILLYKIRK (bags) was founded in 1999 by brothers Chris and Kirk Bray, Billykirk is as much a concept as it is a brand. Around that time, the relatively new concept of fast-fashion was rapidly gaining steam. Billykirk was founded to counteract this trend, raising a fist toward inferior quality and mass production. Made with the finest materials, uncompromising attention to quality, and a thoughtful eye for design.


BRYNN CAPELLA Inc. started in 2009 as an affordable high quality handbag company. The handbag styles effortlessly transition wardrobes from day-to-night and season-to-season for everyday life. No detail is left undone from stylish studs to contrast stitching to leathers that get better, softer and more personal with age. Their handbags are made local to make it easier to maintain the highest customer service and standards for each bag.

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CAROL S. MILLER - my handbag business evolved from my years in the NY Fashion industry. Founder is very lucky to have worked in an industry where he could spend many years traveling to the fashion capitals of the world. A memorable meal starts with the best ingredients, They use the finest leathers from Italy, Germany, Colombia and the USA. Their fabrics, linings and hardware are top of the line.

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CHESTER WALLACE - they hand cut and sew all of their bags in Portland, OR. They strive for solid, smart designs to help in travel, far flung or at home. A Chester Wallace bag will help you out and be your friend for a long, long time. CHESTER WALLACE bags work as hard as you do. All of their items are hand cut from carefully selected. All their products what they produce are made in the United States of America.

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COLSENKEANE LEATHER - Your search for rugged, one-of-a-kind, well crafted, sturdy, durable handmade leather bags designed to last a lifetime (and more) ends here. All of their items are hand cut from carefully selected, beefy hides and created the old fashioned way, one at a time, with painstaking attention to detail on their workbenches in their Charlotte, North Carolina studio in the Elizabeth neighborhood. In fact they joke that they make bags your grandchildren will fight over one day.

patented carbon

COMMON FIBERS was started four years ago with the idea that their patented carbon fiber hinge could be used in Aerospace. Today, they are working with individuals like you to develop and advance the composite industry. The team at Common Fibers has invented the world's first continuous carbon fiber hinge. This technology has made it possible to make unique edge-to-edge carbon fiber products from wallets to phone cases. - Common Fibers 927 S Homer St. Seattle, WA 98108. All their products are made in USA.

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CRAFT & CARO - 23 Drydock Ave Boston, MA 02110. Striving to be the finest purveyor of gentleman's essentials on the internet, they present a collection of goods from trusted brands in support of quality and craftsmanship in daily life. Craft & Caro is an online store for men and those who love them. - Bags and much more - they believe in simplicity, aesthetic, functionality, and quality. If you’re going to keep something around for the rest of your life, it might as well be beautiful.


CUSTOM HIDE - They have been producing hand-crafted leather briefcases and backpacks in the United States since 1994. At Custom Hide, their passion is to produce the best, and have a satisfied and a loyal customer base. They guarantee the quality of their work by an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. All their products what they produce are made in USA.

practical wallets

DISTIL UNION - They're Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham. In 2011, they founded Distil Union as a micro-collective of designers having fun (and working hard) creating products that improve experiences in their everyday lives. Truth be told, nothing makes them happier than hearing one of their designs has helped make your life a little better. - practical wallets -

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DULUTH PACK - Born in the late 1800s, and raised in the northern forests of Minnesota, Duluth Pack's mission is simple and straightforward. They provide premium handcrafted, American made canvas and leather products with a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware. They are the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack making company in the United States.

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ELIZABETH SCOVIL - Determined to make a difference and educate women on the dangers of heart disease. Their stylish and beautifully handcrafted bags and accessories are all made in the United States and come with vital information on detecting, understanding and preventing heart disease.

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EMIL ERWIN - is focused on classic and functional designs. Each piece is designed and meticulously crafted in their Nashville studio with the finest materials and an obsessive attention to detail - leaving you with a product you are thrilled with and they are proud to call Emil Erwin.

tote bag

ENVIRO-TOTE™ has been creating environmentally friendly promotional tote bags since 1990. Their bags are made from unbleached and colored cotton, certified organic cotton, and The Bottle Bag™, a material made from 100% PET. All their products are made in the U.S.A.

core bags

ERNEST ALEXANDER - In 2009 they set out with a vision to create beautiful accessories made for everyday life. They wanted to make products that were thoughtfully designed, functional and crafted from the best materials. Working out of their New York City design studio, they began the process of designing around these core values, working with a local workshop in New York City's garment district to refining their ideas and launch their first series of core bags.

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FLEABAGS LLC - Fleabags was founded in New York in 2009, when Shira Entis and Alexandra Bell wanted an American-made, sturdy canvas bag to use during their frequent trips to the flea market. They envisioned a bag similar to a vintage toolbag, but elevated by Italian and vegetable-tanned leather details and in colors that popped -- the Original Flea. The line has expanded to include a full assortment of canvas and leather bags and accessories. All their products are made in USA.

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FORESTBOUND - Forestbound was started by Alice Saunders in 2007 and is a small operation based out of Somerville, Massachusetts. They do it all themselves in their the studio - the designing, cutting, sewing, shipping .. it all takes place under one roof. They used found and salvaged textiles to create their unique line of tote bags and carryalls, Forestbound Originals. Many hours are spent scouring the Northeast for the storied textiles that they use in their bags.

standards bags

FROST RIVER - this company started 250 years ago, kind of. Today, they build their bags to the standards of those who came before. They took generations of necessity and turned it into something that is somehow new and old at the same time. A new tradition. An old innovation. Either way you describe them, the people who know them will know what you’re talking about. Address: 1910 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55806 USA.

sea bags

SEA BAGS - Owning a Sea Bag is like carrying a story on your shoulder. These stories start with the sailors who bring them sails that make their way to their home on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine and continue with the many people who will touch each bag they create. They know this story well, but wanted to share it with everyone, so we created "The Tale Of The Sail" to tell it for them. All products are made in USA.

ghurka bags

GHURKA - In the early 1970's, founder Marley Hodgson found himself at an estate sale in the UK where he encountered a rare collection of camping gear including boots, belts and backpacks, that once belonged to a British Gurkha commander at the turn of the century. While nearly 100 years old, the leather remained supple, sturdy and full of character. Captivated by the collection, Marley returned to the US and made his first Ghurka bag.

America bags

HOLLY AIKEN - bags designed and built in North Carolina. Uncomplicated bags and accessories built with distinctive, indestructible materials made to withstand the daily grind. Primarily constructed from vinyl, accented by stripes and geometric shapes, each bag is hand-cut in our retail workshop, Stitch, and made in North Carolina. Uncomplicate your life.

leather goods

HOLTZ LEATHER CO. - create products inspired by the past, designed for the present, and made for the generations to come. They are in the story telling business and their fine leather goods are the start of a great story. Make it yours, put your mark on it! Through this time of extreme humbling God taught them that life is more than the things they acquire or the titles they have.

travel luggage

WOOD & FAULK is an American designer and manufacturer of travel bags, accessories and lifestyle items headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Wood&Faulk has developed into a company known for timeless products inspired by its Oregon home. Their workshop is located in the former Simons & Fruerberg Co. Building in lower North Portland and they serve customers worldwide.

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JACKSON WAYNE - They're based in historic Franklin, Tennessee - a town that exudes classic Americana style. Founded in 1799, it's a beautiful town just outside of Nashville with a rich history. If you haven't visited, you should definitely put it on your list. Their leather goods are handcrafted at a small family-run factory in the United States. Their factory has skilled designers, pattern-makers and craftsmen with decades of experience in leather.

American goods

LAST EXIT GOODS was born out of the appreciation for simplicity, keeping mind of their long-term impact by selling goods that last. Everything is centered around straightforward design and thoughtful functionality, with the caveat that it be good looking and durable as all get-out. They built the Last Exit brand for those who were born with a mountain soul, no matter where they call home. Last Exit is proud to be an American business.

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TOM BIHN - design, manufacturing, shipping, customer service, photography, web team — work in the same 16,000 square foot location. They collaborate, problem-solve and innovate in ways that are only made possible by sharing the same space. They think this results in a better bag for you, and it’s more fun for them too. Their company is big enough that they can do cool things like develop their own fabrics while small enough that it still feels like they’re one big family.


MAPTOTE - In 2006, they went on vacation to Germany where they noticed grocery stores were selling simple cotton reusable tote bags. All the cities they went to had their own totes, so they purchased several and brought them back as souvenirs for their friends. Everyone loved them and so did they, but they wanted a tote for their city – Brooklyn. They’d been toying around with the idea of starting their own company, but they weren't sure what it would be. Then this Brooklyn tote idea came into play, and voila - Maptote was born!

American luggage

Boarding Pass NYC is a New York-based lifestyle brand founded in 2012. From their original luggage tag to a full line of goods designed and made in the United States, their products are loved. The brand is sold by over 600 retailers worldwide, and at its retail store at 42 West Street in Brooklyn. For all of your journeys. Boarding Pass is a New York-based travel lifestyle brand that thoughtfully designs and creates reliable travel bags and accessories for the modern traveler. All their products are made in USA.

hand made

RED OXX MFG - Since they live in Montana, their bags are hand made in Montana instead of offshore. This is their dream to build local jobs for regular people. They looked at redevelopment of their blighted neighborhood. This meant more local jobs and the capacity to grow. There’s only so much time in life to do good work. There’s the heart and soul of Montana in the hands-on touch of the people that work for them that goes into every one of their bags. All their products are made in USA.